Registration Packet

Seattle, WA Summer Swim Camp July 20 - 24, 2020

Registration Packet (updated 06/21/21)

Phone:877-308-PEAK (7325)
Hours:M-F 8:00AM-4:00PM PST

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Pool Location

University of Washington
Husky Pool at Edmundson Pavilion

3870 Montlake Boulevard NE
Seattle WA 98195

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Overnight Residence

University of Washington
McMahon Hall

3870 Montlake Boulevard NE
Seattle, WA 98195

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Camp Check-in

Camp Check-In and Orientation for both swimmers and parents will take place at the camp pool facility at the University of Washington Husky Pool at Edmundson Pavilion. Please park and enter the facility via the front main entrance.

Swimmers will start camp immediately following, and should arrive to camp wearing swimsuits underneath their dry-land clothing.

Tuesday, July 20, at 8:15 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.

camp pool facility located in the University of Washington Husky Pool at Edmundson Pavilion

After Camp Orientation, parents may drop-off their child’s luggage at the camp hotel, the Clermont Hampton Inn & Suites.

OVERNIGHT CAMPERS: Luggage may be brought to Camp Check-In at the pool facility and stored until room check-in later that day.

Camp Finale

Camp concludes with our special Finale Ceremony conducted at the camp pool facility at the University of Washington Husky Pool at Edmundson Pavilion. Parents are invited to attend and should plan to pick-up their children promptly afterwards.

Friday, July 24, at 11:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Pool bleachers located at the University of Washington Husky Pool at Edmundson Pavilion

After the ceremony, Overnight campers may then proceed to the camp hotel to pick-up their luggage.

OVERNIGHT CAMPERS: After the ceremony, Overnight campers may then proceed to the camp residence to pick-up their luggage.

What to Bring

Below is a recommended list of equipment and apparel. Peak Performance Swim Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or money. Do NOT bring valuable items to camp with you – such as laptop computers or tablets.

  • Water Bottle
  • Goggles
  • 2-3 Large Pool Towels
  • 2-3 Swimsuits
  • Running Shoes for Dry Land Training
  • Dry-Land Apparel: T-Shirts, Shorts or Sweatpants
  • Sweatshirt or Jacket
  • Extra Spending Money*
  • Casual Clothing for Evening Activities (overnight campers)
  • Camp provides Kick boards and Pull-Buoys

* Extra Spending Money: Parents may choose to send extra spending cash with their overnight camper. We suggest approximately $50-$100 to use for additional snacks and beverages, souvenirs, and/or replace broken swim gear (i.e. goggles or caps). Safekeeping of any cash allowance for overnight campers can be turned over to a camp staff member. Peak Performance Swim Camp is not responsible for valuables not under their supervision.

Food and Beverage

  • All swimmers must bring 2 personal water bottles to camp, properly labeled, and already filled.
  • A catered lunch for all campers (Day and Overnight) will be provided on Tuesday-Friday.
  • For swimmers with special diets (vegetarian, gluten-free, nut allergies, etc), we do our best to provide a healthy lunch alternative. However, swimmers may bring their own lunch if they prefer.
  • The daily meal plan for Overnight campers includes a healthy, well-balanced breakfast/lunch/dinner, starting with lunch service on July 20, and ending with lunch on July 24.
  • Optional: Swimmers may also bring their own sports drink and/or healthy snacks to camp.


The safety and well-being of our swimmers is our first concern. Overnight and Day campers are supervised at all camp activities. In addition, our camp staff resides in the overnight residence with our Overnight campers. Once the camp is underway, parents may contact our camp coordinator directly by phone at +1-407-491-3099.

Day Campers

Day Campers check-in at 8:15 a.m. - 8:45 a.m., on Tuesday, July 20, at the University of Washington Husky Pool at Edmundson Pavilion. Departure that day is at 3:30 p.m. and campers should be picked up at the pool.

On a daily basis, parents must sign-in and sign-out their swimmers with camp staff each morning and afternoon.

Wednesday-Thursday-Friday, July 6-8, at 7:45 a.m.

Wednesday-Thursday-Friday, July 6-8, at 3:30 p.m.. See Camp Finale for further information.

At the south pool gate – at the back side of the facility.

Camp Extras

Peak Performance Swim Camp offers a number of unique performance-enhancing extras. These may be purchased in advance with camp registration or onsite at camp.

PEAK Refresher 2.0 Video: This one-of-a-kind video is a tremendous visual aid that compliments the technical components learned in camp and is the perfect refresher for your swimmer year round! The PEAK Refresher 2.0 video, produced by Olympic Coach Nick Baker, introduces many elite-level skills not available on other swimming videos and is guaranteed to boost swimming performance!

PEAK OUT! Dry-Land Video: Swimming alone cannot develop the strength, flexibility, agility, or coordination needed to perform at the elite-level. The PEAK OUT! Dry-Land video targets these all-important physical traits – giving swimmers a clear, competitive edge! The five, high-energy training circuits demonstrated in the video can be performed away from the pool and require no equipment.

Yoga for Peak Performance Video: The more flexible the swimmer, the greater the speed! And yoga is the perfect way for swimmers to increase their flexibility. Greater flexibility in the shoulders, chest, hips, and ankles allows the body to generate more propulsion and flow through the water with minimal drag and greater ease. The Yoga For Peak Performance video offers a series of effective yoga postures designed to relax the body and enhance flexibility in as little as 15 minutes a day!

The Swimming Triangle Book: Coach Nick Baker’s most popular book is an innovative and essential guide to achieving superior mental, technical, and physical fitness in one of the world’s greatest sports. Coach Baker’s wholly integrated approach can help you maximize your true potential for gaining and keeping a competitive edge!

In The Know, A Swim Parent’s Guide Book: Coach Nick Baker shares pearls of wisdom gleaned from coaching for more than forty years and provides parents with essential inside swimming knowledge geared to maximizing their child’s swimming experience. Coach Baker sheds light on many unanswered questions parents have about swimming, and guides them in making the right decisions for their child.

101 Winning Ways Book: Written by Olympic Coach Nick Baker, this motivational book identifies 101 winning attitudes common to all great, world-class swimmers. Each winning attitude is described with an easy-to-remember phrase and simple imagery to enhance visualization. It’s a must-read for swimmers of all ages!

Un-Limit Yourself! Book: Olympic Coach Nick Baker has dedicated this book to serious swimmers striving for peak performance. This tremendous how-to pocket guide identifies 17 limiting factors that handicap swimming performance and how to overcome them. If identified early, these factors are within the swimmer’s power to change!

Are You Worth It? Book: Olympic Coach Nick Baker has added another gem to his motivational Swimmer Series. Among all the factors that determine success in goal setting, self-worth is the single most influential. You must first feel important before you can achieve important things in your swimming life. This superb book teaches how to build that feeling and find the inner “magic” that lies within you.

Mind Body Skill Book:. Coach Baker challenges swimmers to create change in a BIG WAY to achieve the results they desire! A swimmer who improves their mental outlook can enhance their level of swimming performance to one degree or another. The same holds true for technique and fitness. But when a swimmer focuses on boosting all three at once, the paradigm shifts and EXCELLENCE happens!

VIDEOS purchased with camp registration are available to stream online; and your login info is sent to you via email at the conclusion of camp. BOOKS purchased with camp registration will be distributed at Camp Check-In.

Coach Baker's New Book

Olympic Coach Nick Baker just released his SEVENTH book! His newest book is a fiction story titled Liam the Lion, An Inspirational Story of a Boy’s Struggles and His Path to Swimming Victory. It details the life of a young swimmer who’s intense love of swimming trumps all. Although Liam endures difficult times along the way, his courage and conviction lead him to ultimate victory. His story is the perfect antidote for those who find themselves facing overwhelming odds. The book’s positive message will leave the reader filled with newfound hope and inspiration. Fun reading for ages 10-18. Books available for purchase at Check-In and on Amazon.

Private Coaching

There are a limited number of private coaching sessions available during the camp. If private coaching was purchased in advance with camp registration, swimmers will be assigned appointed dates/times and notified via email prior to camp commencement.

If you did not purchase private coaching in advance, openings are offered first-come, first-serve. If you are interested in making a reservation, please email us at  Hourly private coaching sessions with a PEAK Senior Coach are $225.00. Sessions with Olympic Coach Nick Baker are $300.00.

Please note that Private Coaching sessions are scheduled around the coaches’ availability (between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.) and may be subject to change due to weather or pool conditions.

Video Analysis

If a video analysis was purchased in advance with camp registration, swimmers will be assigned appointed dates/times for the onsite video review, and this schedule will be posted at Camp Check-In. Please note that Video Review sessions are scheduled around the coach’s availability (between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.). The finalized videos of both the swim analysis and coach’s review are emailed within four weeks of camp conclusion.