Our daughter had an awesome experience at the Peak Performance Swim Camp in Barbados.  Thank you again for your help in making this possible.

The skills she learned-physical and mental- will help her begin to improve her swimming performance immediately and the positive experience and social interactions in such a spectacular location will stay with her (and me) forever.

I was especially impressed with the professionalism, attention to detail and leadership shown by the coaches, especially Coach Tim, who worked with Helena’s lane during the week.   We look forward to participating with PEAK again.

H.A., New York

Dear Nick Baker, I’m so grateful that I met you. You brought me so much hope for my future and current self. Words cannot express how thankful I am for your book “101 Winning Ways” and your inspirational and motivational talks. You saw something in me that not even my mother sees. Thank you for making me realize that I am special and I should always cherish the uniqueness of me. 101 Winning Ways (page 22): “Winners know when to hold on…and when to let go.” Well, it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter and because of you I’m anxiously looking forward to find out who I’m meant to be.

A.B., New York

What a great week my daughter had at the Boston camp! Every day at pick up, she was excited to tell me all about what she learned during the day. I also enjoyed watching every coaching staff in action – you all are amazing! I felt so lucky to have found the Peak camp. My daughter is already looking forward to joining the camp again! And the private lesson was the best part. With your technique advice, I witnessed that it made a huge difference. Thank you!

M.O., Massachusetts

Last weekend my son participated in the weekend swim camp in Westchester, NY. I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful and well organized program from the moment my son arrived. I also want to take the opportunity to personally thank the coaches for their attentiveness and dedication to making the weekend the best experience possible. My son said the entire weekend was “fantastic” and he cannot wait to do it again in the future. Thank you!

C.L., New Jersey

Coach Nick, just thought I’d drop you a note – been a long time since we’ve been to one of your camps. As my older son wraps up his collegiate swimming career and graduates from NC State this spring, I appreciate the role you and your camps had in helping to shape the swimmer he ultimately became – Olympic Trials Qualifier, 3x ACC Team Championships, and competing on one of the top men’s programs in the NCAA. The swim-positive philosophy was something that stuck with him through the years and was certainly a key contributing factor to his time in the sport.

Hope is all well with you and your camps! Maybe our paths will cross at some point, as I continue to coach. You never know! All the best,

S.W., North Carolina

Hi Nick – Thanks to you I am now a 5 times Olympic coach and Olympic gold medal coach. It’s been a long time, but I think about you more than you can ever imagine. Tokyo was amazing, now it’s time to get some rest with my family, and back into it focusing towards Paris.

Kind regards, Coach Fred Vergnoux

F.V., Spain

Dear Coach Nick, thank you so much for taking the time, effort, and energy to coach me and the other swimmers last week in Orlando. I have learned so much at PEAK about all three sides of The Swimming Triangle, and I will apply it to my swimming and my life. PEAK is more than a swim camp to me. It’s a home. It’s a place where confidence grows and belief is born. Thank you for all that you do. From an inspired swimmer!

B.H., Indiana

Dear PEAK, I have a story to share with you. My son was at a swim competition and accidentally slipped outside, and lacerated his knee on both sides after falling. This was on a day he did not have events. We took him to the ER and he was cleared of broken bones and knee joint instability. I could not believe it when the ER physician looked at him and said “you probably will not be swimming tomorrow.” But the next day was his 50 Breast and his best shot at making finals. I looked at my son and told him to just relax, close his eyes, and see himself swimming tomorrow with a great knee. I told him to think positively that his knee would be better tomorrow. We iced all day once an hour, kept his knee elevated, and kept him on Motrin every 6 hours. He took 3.5 seconds off his 50 Breast! Coach Nick gave him an eagle shirt at the last PEAK camp and he has lived up to that shirt. It’s amazing what positive thinking, visualization, and team support can do. We definitely used the mental skills the kids have learned at camp.

J.D., Connecticut

Dear Coach Nick,
I am so happy!!! I qualified for Zones this weekend and dropped time in all my events. My biggest drops were 14.69 seconds in my 100 butterfly, 5.92 seconds in my 100 breaststroke, 7.55 seconds in my 100 backstroke, and 1.4 seconds in my 50 breaststroke. You would have been very proud of me for holding my technique. The talks we had were so important to me. You are always on my mind giving me the confidence to go on no matter how tired I am. You are the best coach ever. I can’t wait to see you soon at the Boston Summer Camp.

B.R., New Jersey

We are just getting up after our long drive home from the Orlando Spring Camp yesterday. And although there is much to do…I have to stop and give Coach Baker, Coach Gregg, and all the coaches and assistants a huge Thank You! There is nothing like picking your kids up from camp and hearing stories for 6+ hours…basically until they fall asleep. Everything the kids talked about was so positive; camp had way more of an impact than we expected!

Our daughter did most of the talking. While she talked about all her friends she made and the fun things they did, she also told us so much about what she learned and that she is ready to get in the water and put it into place. She has a new level of excitement about swimming.

I was shocked when I arrived at the National Training Center yesterday to pick up my children. My son looked like he had grown a few inches. While I don’t think he grew physically in a few days, I think he is now standing/walking more confidently and looks taller. His technique is not perfect, but in sending him to camp I was really hoping for him to grow mentally, in confidence. In the little conversation he and I have had since picking him up, he seems so much better/stronger mentally and is really focused on things Coach Baker and Coach Gregg talked to him about and tools (videos) they suggested he watch.

We are really looking forward to seeing the kids swim with their PEAK skills and attitude! 🙂

I can’t thank Coach Baker and the coaches/folks at PEAK enough. Such a positive and profound impact on our kids! We are already looking at the PEAK schedule and trying to figure out the best time to get back to another PEAK camp.

Thank you, and see you soon!

L.H., Georgia