Dear Coach Nick, I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you for swim camp in Orlando next month. But it’s for a good reason. I qualified for Summer Junior Nationals after a 5 second … Continued

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my son’s progress since the Boston Clinic. He has really been working hard on the technical improvements that you suggested, and it seems to be showing up in his results. I recognize that dropping time isn’t necessarily the end goal at the moment, but I think it was very encouraging for my son to see some of his times improve.
500 Free–dropped 3.47 sec, 100 Back–dropped 3.01 sec, 50 Free–dropped 1.06 sec, 200 IM–dropped 3.72 sec, 200 Back–dropped 3.72 sec, 100 Free–dropped .57 sec.
My son was very excited about how he swam at the last competition, and his confidence is growing. It is no coincidence that these results came right after his time spent with you…we cannot thank you enough.

T.K., Massachusetts

I just wanted to share our positive story! My son attended your Spring Camp in Orlando for the second time. For him, it was an another amazing experience like the first time. For me, as a mom, who attends every single practice every day, it has been rewarding because I have seen the progress in technique and attitude in practice as well as in meets. This past weekend we had our first meet since the camp, and it is with great pride and joy to tell you that all of my son’s times went down!!! And he is getting really close to qualifying for National LC Championships in Puerto Rico. His times not only went down, but they decreased significantly. In the 100m Free, his entry time was 1:27.00 and he finished first in his heat with 1:21.51!!! Every night when my son goes to bed, he reads Coach Baker’s book, 101 Winning Ways. Thanks, Coach Nick and PEAK Coaches, for inspiring my son to be better! Hope to come back to another camp soon!!!

V.T., Puerto Rico

Dear Coach Nick, we can’t thank you enough for being such a positive force in our daughter’s life. You have motivated her, trained her, and made it possible for her to achieve as she has. The most important is that she knows that you only expect the best from her. Thank you for all that you do.

C.H., New York

Thank you for the care, knowledge, and support you have given to my daughter. Both of us believe that her achievements over the years are mainly due to your teaching. As always your camp was great and you were an inspiration to her. With great esteem, MG

M.G., New Jersey

Coach, thanks for the amazing opportunity to improve and make changes to my stroke. You have helped me tremendously in pointing out my mistakes but also pointing out my strengths. Thanks again to you and the PEAK coaches for all the help and confidence that you have given me.

D.P., Singapore

Dear Coach Nick, I wanted to tell you that my son had his first meet today after the camps. He made personal best in everything and by 6 seconds in the 200 backstroke!!!  He also made huge personal bests on the 400IM and 800 Free. We will book the double summer camps for next year soon.  All the best!

B.J., Sweden

Dear Coach Nick, I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you for swim camp in Orlando next month. But it’s for a good reason. I qualified for Summer Junior Nationals after a 5 second drop in the 200 back (LC) in March from a 2:22.02 to a 2:17.65. I just missed the Olympic Trials cut by 1 second! I also dropped 5 seconds in 200 back short course going a 1:59.33 and coming in second in State (Illinois). A few weeks ago I also qualified  for the 100 back at Junior Nationals. I know that a lot of my success in swimming was due to the four summer camps with you in Orlando and a few weekend clinics with PEAK. You taught me so much about being physically strong, mentally strong, and technically strong. Everything really came together for me this winter and spring when I was able to drop a lot of time in my best events. I am excited to swim at Juniors at the end of Summer. Hopefully I will make finals! I remember when you told me that someday that I would make Junior and Senior Nationals, swim D1, and be the captain of my college swim team. I have two more years of high school and I will keep you updated! Thank you for all you have done for me.

M.G., Illinois