Thank you for the care, knowledge, and support you have given to my daughter. Both of us believe that her achievements over the years are mainly due to your teaching. As always your camp was … Continued

Dear Coach Nick,
Thank you for such an empowering camp experience. Throughout the camp, the coaches created a positive environment that served as a catalyst for positive change.
Upon leaving the camp I felt physically stronger, technically better equipped, and most of all, mentally tougher. I had always been, as you put it, a race horse. I went to all the practices, but was always saving my energy for that one killer main set. I was in a survivalistic mindset that kept me in my comfort zone. Through your camp I have realized that staying in my comfort zone will not get me anywhere. As a result of your swim camp, I am mentally equipped and have been welcoming each challenge set back in club practice. I will continue to strive to become a Race-practice horse so as to maximize my gain and minimize my time.
So far in the week of club swimming that I’ve had since the camp, I have made a conscious effort to keep what I learned in camp with me. I still wear the Swim Positive wrist band on my ankle every day. The wrist band really brings your philosophy into tangible form, and it really helps to remind me of everything I have learned.
Each day brings a new challenge and because of your swim camp, I feel ready and happy to face what adversity might come. I will always remember those talks that you had with the Elite group before getting into the water. They really helped me by providing encouragement and hope. Whenever I dislike a set, I remember what you said about thinking about what helps me, rather than what I like. All in all, your swim camp has really changed my outlook on practice and swimming itself. Truly, you have changed my attitude towards the sport, and for that you have my utmost thanks. Thank you for your commitment and level of dedication to the swimmers at your swim camp; I am sure we all appreciate it.

S.H., California

Coach Nick,
Now that the waves have calmed from our short course season and we are just ramping up long course, I want to take the opportunity to thank you and make you aware of the tremendous impact you have had on my son’s swimming. He worked with you last summer in Orlando and at the fall at the Baltimore clinic. In the past, he had been a “middle of the pack” swimmer with times that consistently approached the A standard. After spending a week with you in July, he was a swimmer transformed! Not only did he come back to our club team with more polished technique, he came back with a completely new and confident attitude. He took your lessons of swimming positively to heart and has made every practice since COUNT! This winter, he made our regional JO’s in all of his events and was even named to the sectional Zone team in the 200fly. He is currently transitioning to our “senior ” team ( the only one from his training group) and is working hard to meet this new set of challenges. I believe your stroke analysis, perfectly frank and on point criticisms and sound advice have set him squarely in the proper direction for meeting his future goals.

D.H., Maryland

Thank you for another fantastic camp in Orlando this summer. The programs you put together for your camps and clinics is always challenging and inspirational. This was my daughter’s third year at PEAK Orlando Summer Camp. I initially chose your program after a death in our family and consequently my daughter lost her mental focus and motivation. Your camp was exactly the help she needed to get back on track. I noticed the improvement in her right away and so did her teammates and their parents. I still remember the amazed reactions from the other parents when my daughter swam her first race a week after camp. She was transformed from a steady, dependable swimmer into a racer! Everyone was stunned by her swimming improvement and new mental focus.
A few weeks after the Orlando Camp this summer, my daughter entered in the Speedo Sectionals. She was one of only a handful of 14&U swimmers competing. Without a taper she had her best time, qualified for the C Final, and came in 20th in the 200m Backstroke! A week later when she was tapered, she swam in the Illinois Age Group State Championships. She came in 2nd place in both the 100 and 200 Backstroke and also made finals in the 50 and 100 Free.
Thank you, Coach Baker, for using the Swimming Triangle to give my daughter the mental, technical, and physical skills she needs to compete on a state and national level. I am already trying to figure out how to work your camp into our schedule in the next year!

P.K., Illinois

Our daughter participated in the San Francisco Fall Clinic a few days ago and we want to share with you our positive experience and impressions. We found the clinic truly awesome! The work you did with the swimmers was really amazing. Your expertise, professionalism, guidance, inspiration and last but not least, friendliness, were truly awesome. The whole coaching team was synergetic, consistent, focused and everyone was great! We also truly appreciate Coach Roger and his work with our daughter during her private sessions. He showed great passion when speaking to her and a good sense of humor – he was also patient and provided excellent guidance. The clinic was very productive. Our daughter experienced many new aspects of swim training, the new drills and tricks – ones that are not easy available at her regular swim practice at her club. She feels much more confident with her swimming, which is something she struggled with quite often in the past. The video review is a great idea… During our trip home to Nevada, we started to plan our schedule to participate in the next Peak Performance camp, but this time a longer one. So, we hope our daughter will have a chance to see you and your coaching team soon!

P.W., Nevada

Hey Coach Baker, I wanted to thank you again for all the tips and pointers you gave me at the Seattle Summer Camp. I recently finished my state meet for high school swimming and it went very well for me. I was able to win both the 50 free and the 100 free, and set a new state record in the 100 free with a 44.90! The camp helped me so much and now I am signed with the Louisville Cardinals! It is going to be a great adventure.

A.A., Alaska

Coach Nick, we want to thank you again so much for all you’ve brought to our daughter during the three PEAK camps that she’s attended. She has progressed strongly and is truly passionate about swimming – thanks to a very large extent to what she’s learned with you. It was definitely worth the trip from Belgium! We are booked to come back again to the Orlando camp and look forward to seeing you soon.

V.C., Belgium

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my son’s progress since the Boston Clinic. He has really been working hard on the technical improvements that you suggested, and it seems to be showing up in his results. I recognize that dropping time isn’t necessarily the end goal at the moment, but I think it was very encouraging for my son to see some of his times improve.
500 Free–dropped 3.47 sec, 100 Back–dropped 3.01 sec, 50 Free–dropped 1.06 sec, 200 IM–dropped 3.72 sec, 200 Back–dropped 3.72 sec, 100 Free–dropped .57 sec.
My son was very excited about how he swam at the last competition, and his confidence is growing. It is no coincidence that these results came right after his time spent with you…we cannot thank you enough.

T.K., Massachusetts

I just wanted to share our positive story! My son attended your Spring Camp in Orlando for the second time. For him, it was an another amazing experience like the first time. For me, as a mom, who attends every single practice every day, it has been rewarding because I have seen the progress in technique and attitude in practice as well as in meets. This past weekend we had our first meet since the camp, and it is with great pride and joy to tell you that all of my son’s times went down!!! And he is getting really close to qualifying for National LC Championships in Puerto Rico. His times not only went down, but they decreased significantly. In the 100m Free, his entry time was 1:27.00 and he finished first in his heat with 1:21.51!!! Every night when my son goes to bed, he reads Coach Baker’s book, 101 Winning Ways. Thanks, Coach Nick and PEAK Coaches, for inspiring my son to be better! Hope to come back to another camp soon!!!

V.T., Puerto Rico

Dear Coach Nick, we can’t thank you enough for being such a positive force in our daughter’s life. You have motivated her, trained her, and made it possible for her to achieve as she has. The most important is that she knows that you only expect the best from her. Thank you for all that you do.

C.H., New York

Thank you for the care, knowledge, and support you have given to my daughter. Both of us believe that her achievements over the years are mainly due to your teaching. As always your camp was great and you were an inspiration to her. With great esteem, MG

M.G., New Jersey