Technical Strategy 5


Have you ever swum in the air before or practiced your strokes on land rather than in the water? The idea has been around since man took to water, so it isn’t new. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Watch the Breaststroke video below. Your job is to practice swimming in front of a mirror until you’ve mastered the technique.

Step 2: Next, swim ten perfect continuous strokes without stopping. Lean forward when swimming, so it feels like the real thing.

Step 3: Once you can do ten as required, do two sets of ten, followed by three, then four. Take as little rest as possible between sets. 

Step 4: Once you can do four sets of ten, work up to three sets of twenty. Take as little rest as possible between sets.

Step 5: Once you can do three sets of twenty, work up to 80 perfect strokes in a row without stopping! Sound like fun? Whoever said swimming on land was easy?