PVC Technical Strategy 71

It’s not easy

As a coach, discovering fresh ways to technically challenge my swimmers can be tricky, especially if they’re highly skilled. But I have some excellent news, as I’ve outdone myself once again.

FL + BK + FR Body Whip

The longer and faster you travel underwater off the walls in practice, the better your performance in competition. So to enhance your body whip performance, focus on distance (minus the power) on the odd turns and speed (minus the length underwater) on the even ones.

BK Turns

Most swimmers throw their favorite arm (to their favorite side) to initiate a backstroke turn no matter their distance from the wall. Unfortunately, this technical misjudgment can cause them to float into the wall, adding unnecessary time to their swim. If in doubt, using your opposite arm (to the opposite side) may be a better option.

BR Turns

Coming to the water’s surface with the head up (rather than tucked into streamline) is a standard error in the breaststroke breakout. Ideally, it shouldn’t rise until the breathing phase of the first above water stroke. Eliminating this typical error can improve your breakout body position and lead to a faster first stroke.

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