PVC Technical Strategy 7


Have you ever swum in the air before or practiced your strokes on land rather than in the water? The idea has been around since man took to water, so it isn’t new. In the PEAK Virtual Coaching program, I’ve taken the concept to a higher level. Here’s how it works:

For six days in a row, swim a non-stop 200-individual medley in front of a mirror. That’s 20 strokes butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Execute each stroke with near-perfect form as displayed in the videos you received over the last four weeks. Take breaks as needed if your technique falters. As the week builds, you may find the challenge becomes harder and harder, but you have the mental toughness to overcome. Your goal is to complete 80 technically correct strokes without stopping!

At the end of six days, tell me how you did. Did you improve? Did you have any challenges? Let me know below:

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