PVC Technical Strategy 66

The Four Truths

Believing in your abilities is a key to winning. For example, thinking that you can outswim anyone in a 100-butterfly is a ‘medal winner,’ just like knowing you’re unbeatable on the last 25. Regardless, if you want to dominate the field, these four truths must become part of your belief system!

  1. My tempo on the last 25 is faster than anyone.
  2. I pull tons of water.
  3. I can out-kick anybody in a race.
  4. I can out-finish anyone at the wall.

But before these ‘potential truths’ can benefit you in competition, they must become part of you in training. In other words, if you don’t practice them (with a passion), you’ll never believe them when it matters most. Developing an unbeatable winning spirit begins one day at a time.

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