PVC Technical Strategy 61

How Fast Do Your Arms Turn Over?

In the 50 FR in Tokyo, Caeleb Dressel hit 135 strokes per minute, which is uncanny!

Now it’s your turn. Stand in front of a mirror and have you cell phone stopwatch handy. Start the stopwatch, and when it hits 10 seconds, cycle your arms for 60 seconds. Count each stroke you do. Were you able hit Caeleb’s number or come close? Whether you did or not, imagine how much harder it would be in the water because it’s 800 times denser than air!

Having a turnover like Caeleb would come in  handy on the finish of any freestyle or IM race. To do that, you’ll need to add a super-fast stroke rate on the final 25 of every freestyle repeat in workout.

Here’s your challenge. For the next 6 days record how Caeleb’s gold medal technique impacted the way you swam your final 25.

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