PVC Technical Strategy 47

1,000 Near-Perfect Freestyle

Your mission this week is to swim a total of 1,000 yards or meters of near-perfect freestyle technique (every practice) for the next six days. It can include the freestyle performed in your daily warm-up, main sets, or warm-down. And you don’t have to do all of the yardage in a row. Instead, pick your spots throughout the practice. 

As a PEAK PVC swimmer, challenge yourself to apply as many PEAK techniques as possible. These include: 

  • A fixed, low, non-breathing head position (Nose Number 0 or Nose Number 1).
  • Shoulder-width entry arms. 
  • Fully extended entry arms.
  • An early, high-elbow catch (elbow tip should almost break the surface).
  • Fully extended finishing arms (at thighs).
  • A full-fast finish (finish each pull with speed).
  • Symmetrical arm recovery (high elbow, low elbow, or straight arm).
  • Bilateral Breathing.
  • Minimal Breathing (small breath close to the surface).
  • Equal side-to-side rotation. 
  • A long-legged freestyle kick, starting from the hips (not knees).
  • Motorboat Kick (keep the feet in the water).

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