PVC Technical Strategy 45

Do you make the grade?

PEAK stresses TECHNIQUE! Since Coach Baker started PEAK in 1996, swimming with near-perfect stroke mechanics (in practice) has been Rule One. As a PVC swimmer, he expects you to do the same. Your mission this week is to see if you make the “grade.” 


  • Score a Doctorate’s Degree for a Platinum performance. 
  • Score a Bachelor’s Degree for a Gold performance.
  • Score a High School Degree for a Silver performance. 
  • Score an Elementary School Degree for a Bronze performance. 


  1. 11-Entry Arms (straight and symmetrical)
  2. Headless Flyer (head underwater after breathing cycle)
  3. One-Butt Butterfly (via chest press)
  4. Pow-Boom Kick (2 kicks per stroke)
  5. 11-Finish Arms (straight and symmetrical)


  1. Chin-Up Head Position
  2. Tick-Tock Arm Cycle
  3. Tick-Tock Kick 
  4. Equal Shoulder-Pop Rotation
  5. L-Arm/Pocket Finish (pulling arm bent 90-degrees by shoulder-line and fast finish at the hip)


  1. 7-Squeeze or 6-Squeeze 
  2. I-Y-Elbows High (near the surface)
  3. Waterline Shoot
  4. Breathing Cycle Faster Than Pulling Cycle
  5. Snap The Kick & Pointed Toe Finish


  1. Zero Nose Number (or close)
  2. One Goggle Wet-One Goggle Dry Breathing
  3. 2-Arm Shoulder-Width Entry 
  4. Equal Shoulder-Pop Rotation
  5. Equal Thigh Finish At End Of Pull 

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