PVC Technical Strategy 44

How Even Rotation Benefits Backstroke

  1. Through rotation, the powerful muscles of the lats, pecs, and core act together to strengthen the pull. In the absence of rotation, the weaker shoulder muscles are the primary muscles used. 
  2. When rotation (which creates energy of its own) is coupled with the propulsive force generated by the pulling arm/hand, the two forces working together result in a stronger pulling force. One can consider the relationship of these two motions synergistic.

Your mission this week is to rotate evenly to both sides in all backstroke sets. That means the shoulder ball must break the surface, the same amount, on both sides.


  • Gold: Mission accomplished.
  • Silver: For the most part.
  • Bronze: Until I lost my focus or got too tired.
  • Tin: Kept going back to my old stroke.

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