PVC Technical Strategy 42

Zero Nose Number

Have you heard? More and more elite-level freestylers swim with the head wholly submerged underwater, with the surface directly over the back of it. At PEAK, we call it Zero Nose Number. Maintaining this head position raises the body closer to the surface (reducing drag), makes it easier to bring the arm forward during the recovery phase, and reduces strain on the neck and shoulders (avoiding injury and excess fatigue). Although it may feel weird at first, the benefits are worth making an effort in practice. If you’re worried about the turns, either rely on the “T” or tilt your head up slightly as you near the wall. If speed is your need, you must give it an honest try!


  • Platinum: I held a Zero Nose Number for 75-100% of practice. 
  • Gold: I held a Zero Nose Number for 50-75% of practice.
  • Silver: I held a Zero Nose Number for 25-50% of practice.
  • Bronze: I held a Zero Nose Number for 0-25% of practice.

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