PVC Technical Strategy 31

Butterfly Tempo/Pull Challenge

Perform this two-part challenge whenever you swim a butterfly set in practice. In part one of the challenge, you must maintain the same tempo (stroke frequency) and length of the pull for the first 75% of each repeat. Bear in mind; there are three lengths of butterfly pull (finishing at your belly button, hips, or thighs and thighs is the best). In part two of the challenge, you must increase your tempo (dramatically) on the last 25% of each repeat (even if the pull gets shorter).

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Attention Swimmers: 

If you’re not swimming because of COVID-19, do the following:  

  • Swim in front of a mirror at home
  • Perform 12 x rounds (4 sets of 3) 
  • Round 1 = 15 Strokes (10 same tempo and length) + (5 with increased tempo) 
  • Round 2 = 15 strokes (5 same tempo and length) + (10 with increased tempo)
  • Round 3 = 15 strokes (15 with increased tempo)
  • Take 15 seconds between rounds and one minute between sets.
  • Use the same scoring system as above.