PVC Technical Strategy 28

Turn your turn into a winning one

Let’s face it. A typical practice turn is a far cry from a racing one. As you well know, there’s seldom a penalty if you miss your walls in practice because as long as you make the interval and stay ahead of the swimmer behind you, life is good! At the very minimum, a turn takes up the last yard of a 25 plus the first five yards (or more) off the wall. In a 100 race, that equals 18 yards or roughly one-fifth of the total distance. Swimming a fast time in a meet doesn’t just mean “swimming fast,” it means turning fast as well! Your mission is to “nail” every second turn in practice this week, meaning starting your turn at the ideal distance from the wall without a loss of swimming momentum.

Score three points if you succeeded, two if you came close, one if you were hit or miss, and zero if you were hopeless.

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