PVC Technical Strategy 24

Body Position Challenge

As you well know, developing the proper swimming technique is a full-time job. That means focusing on skill development during the most challenging sets in practice. While it can seem overwhelming at times, it’s the only way to maximize your speed potential. Your mission this week is to focus on your body position throughout each practice.

  • For butterfly, chest press enough, so your hips break the surface every stroke.
  • For backstroke, keep your chin up (and back) with your legs at the surface.
  • For breaststroke, assume a 7-Squeeze streamline position between strokes. To achieve, squeeze your thumbs, arms, shoulders, butt, legs, and feet together. Also, tuck your head tightly between your arms with your eyes facing the bottom of the pool.
  • For freestyle, keep your chin down (with your entire face in the water) and your legs at the surface.
  • Score yourself daily (on how well you did) using a gold, silver, or bronze standard.

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