PVC Strategy for NB

NICK B’s 3-week Self-assessment

Dear Nick,

I created this strategy specifically for you. Why? Because I honestly care about you and feel you deserve a fair chance at becoming the best swimmer you can be. As I mentioned to you, I believe you’re a diamond in the rough, and if you’re willing to put in the time (and effort), your diamond will shine!

If you recall, I’m willing to give you a three-week trial to prove (to me) that you care about yourself and swimming and you want to become the best you can be. If you succeed, I’ll commit to one month at a time after that.

If you don’t, this opportunity will end in three weeks! Now is the time to show me (your family, coach, teammates, and the world) the real Nick B.!

In this strategy, score the daily effort you put into your academics, swimming, nutrition, and sleep (in the past 24 hours). It’s best to wait until the end of the day before scoring. Be 100% honest because you WON’T fool me!


  • Platinum = 10/10
  • Gold = 9/10
  • Silver = 8/10
  • Bronze = 7/10
  • Tin = 6/10 

PLEASE NOTE: You can only submit this form once, so you may want to write down your score somewhere else each day, and then submit the form after three weeks.

Fill out my online form.