PVC Physical Strategy 65

You Are What You Eat

I’d like you to take a little trip to a food court in a shopping mall near you. You know the ones that offer pizza, Chinese food, burgers, french fries, ice cream, cheesesteaks, desserts, and more. Walk around for ten minutes or so, assigning an overall ‘physique score’ to the average person waiting in line for some chow. A ten means they look like a fitness instructor from a local health club, while a one means they’re a ‘donut taster’ at a nearby bakery. So what’s my point? I think I’ve made it; you are what you eat!

This week challenge is to grade your total daily food consumption, and the closer to ten you get, the better. In my mind, a score less than seven means you fail to grasp the essential role nutrition plays in your future swimming and health.

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