PVC Physical Strategy 45

Sleep, Eat, Stretch and Feel Better!

Be good to your body (and mind), and they will return the favor. Have you been getting your ideal number of sleep hours lately? How about your diet? Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables and maintaining your perfect swimming weight? And have you been stretching out your tight and tired muscles before going to bed? If so, great! If not, it’s time to take better care of yourself.

You may not realize this, but insufficient sleep, unhealthy eating, and overtaxed muscles and joints have a detrimental effect on your swimming performance. Even if you work super hard in practice, your body and mind won’t deliver the results you seek in competition without proper attention and care. Your challenge this week is to improve the quality of your self-care. Award yourself a medal based on your results.

Gold is good. Silver is “so-so.” And Bronze is somewhat disappointing. 

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