PVC Physical Strategy 41


Recently you completed a PVC strategy entitled The Six Abilities that stressed the need for improved mobility in swimming (see excerpt below):

Q: What is mobility?

A: It’s the ability to move. Sadly, too many swimmers get bogged down in doing just one thing, swimming. The problem with only swimming (and nothing else) is that your body gets good at stroking down the pool but nothing else. Over time, the total focus on freestyle and the other strokes can lead to tightness, stiffness, and even injury. It’s a great idea to complement your swim training with other activities that enhance mobility. These include dancing, martial arts, gymnastics, dry-land training, rock climbing, boxing, yoga, pilates, aerobic classes, and Zumba. Work at becoming more mobile and your swimming will rise to a whole new level.

It mentions that martial arts are a great way to improve mobility. Your mission this week is to watch and perform each of the drills found on the Muay Thai Beginner’s Video.


  • Platinum: I made it through the entire video.
  • Gold: I made it through three-quarters.
  • Silver: I made it through half.
  • Bronze: I made it through one-quarter.