PVC Physical Strategy 18

The Four Training Modes

The physical side of your training makes up most of the time spent in the water each week. Depending on the coach, you may get four (or more) challenging sets in each practice. How you approach these sets ultimately determines your physical fitness, mental toughness, and a good portion of your swimming confidence. In general, swimmers have four training modes:

Attack Mode: Swimmers take aggressive action on each set.

Survival Mode: A fear-based type of thinking where swimmers retreat and do just enough to get by.

Go Through The Motions Mode: Swimmers’ effort lacks drive and ambition. They swim a set out of duty, not desire.

Combination Mode: Swimmers combine two or more of the above.

As a PVC swimmer, you know what your only training mode should be, but is it the case? Let’s find out over the next week.

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