PVC Mental Strategy 80

one picture is worth a thousand words

Step 1: Draw a self-portrait of yourself (in a swimsuit, goggles, etc.) on a large piece of paper. Be sure to add all of your best features. For example, if you like to smile, draw one from ear to ear, or have big muscles or a skinny torso, make sure to include them. Your picture should highlight the ‘true you.’ Add lots of colors, as color brings art to life!

Step 2: Next, think of your attitude towards yourself, swimming, and future success. Is it super positive, positive for the most part, somewhere in between, or leaning toward the negative? If it’s super positive, leave your self-portrait as is. If not, shade it over using the side of a pencil. The darker the shade, the more negative your view.

Step 3: Take a photo of your work of art and upload it before our next scheduled call. That way, we’ll be able to discuss your masterpiece together.

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