PVC Mental Strategy 79

why aren’t you swimming faster?

If you’re a swimmer (age eleven or under) and not swimming as fast as you want to, you probably have little clue as to why (I suggest asking your coach). But if you’re older than that (especially in your mid to late-teens), you should have your suspicions. Is it your mental side or perhaps the technical or physical? So the first step is to do a reality check to figure out the reasons why? Start by sitting alone in a dimly lit room free of any external distraction. Next, complete two minutes of deep breathing to clear your mind. Finally, ask yourself ‘why’ and see what comes back to you. Please don’t force it or make up an answer. Just ask and wait for a reply. Repeat the process five days in a row, jotting down whatever comes to mind. After five days, you and I will review your answers during our weekly call.

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