PVC Mental Strategy 78

Being Versus Becoming

The dictionary defines ‘becoming’ as a person in the process of change.

The dictionary defines ‘being’ as a person is (in the current moment).

The culture of competitive swimming revolves around becoming a better, and better, and better swimmer. It’s similar to an endless merry-go-round, with higher demands on every spin. On the surface, this approach to excellence makes sense, but it misses one all-important aspect. When does the ‘process of becoming’ switch to a ‘state of being?’ In other words, does a swimmer ever get to take a break from the ‘becoming process’ and be who’ve they’ve become? Why is this so vital? Because when a swimmer stays one hundred percent in the ‘becoming mode,’ they’re left to feel inadequate, meaning they believe their starts and turns still aren’t good enough, their strokes still not fast enough, their body still not fit enough, and their mind still not tough enough. As a result, they never feel quite confident enough to swim up to who they’ve become and achieve the most in a competition! 

Your challenge this week is to alternate your practices between ‘becoming and being,’ meaning focus on what needs improving in Practice 1, but in Practice 2, turn that part of your brain off and be the swimmer you’ve become. There’s a good chance you’ll surprise yourself and feel more confident. 

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