PVC Mental Strategy 52

Keep it Real

The expression ”keep it real” has more meanings than one. In this strategy, it means to remain unaffected. The tendency to over-react is widespread, especially in high-achieving athletes, as they place so much importance on both sports and academics. Rather than looking at a mishap from a non-emotional objective standpoint, they allow their emotions to get the better of them and rush to a worst-case scenario. Examples include how a poor performance in the pool equals the end of the world or a B in a science quiz means failing the year.

This week’s mission is to “keep it real” and view every obstacle and setback you encounter objectively with no emotional attachment or exaggeration. 


  • Platinum: 100% 
  • Gold: Around 75% 
  • Silver: Around 50%
  • Bronze: Around 25%
  • Tin: Not even close!
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