PVC Mental Strategy 50


Once upon a time, an older man lies on his death bed surrounded by the features and characteristics that set him apart as an individual. As he lies motionless, they began to speak to him. “Why did you hide us from others? And why didn’t you become the person you were supposed to be?”  

The moral of this story is that your number one mission in life is to become yourself. The way nature or God intended.

Listed below are ten helpful suggestions to promote the true you.  

  1. Don’t live your life trying to please others.
  2. Don’t worry about how others view you.
  3. Dig deeper and discover more about yourself.
  4. Appreciate who you are.
  5. Forgive yourself.
  6. Stop being negative about yourself.
  7. Learn from your mistakes.
  8. Be comfortable with who you are.
  9. Strive for the things that you want.
  10. Get what you want out of your swimming.  

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