PVC Mental Strategy 5


Research suggests, when we repeatedly write something down, our brains begin to believe the written words. It’s like voluntary brainwashing! Writing acts as a mini-rehearsal and helps us to become the person we’d like to be or achieve something we desire. Just like visualizing helps us to realize results (that hard work can’t deliver by itself), writing things down repeatedly does the same.

With that in mind, your mission is to pick two of the following statements and (neatly) write them down five times each for six days in a row. Don’t rush, and think as you write. I recommend doing it first thing in the morning before your day gets underway, and when your mind is clear and calm. By the end of the sixth day, see if these statements honestly reflect how you feel.

  • My life has become more organized, and I focus better. 
  • I enjoy stretching more now and feel I’m gaining flexibility. 
  • The PVC program is helping me become a better swimmer. 
  • I enjoy dry-land training and feel like I’m getting a lot stronger. 
  • Thanks to the PVC program, I’m feeling more positive about myself and the future.