PVC Mental Strategy 49

Performing in the Moment

Watch This Video First! 

Sky, the surfer/skateboard wonder kid from Japan, is the epitome of “performing in the moment.” She’s in the zone, not focused on the past or future, and doesn’t care if she makes mistakes or what others think. Reacting this way allows her to rise to the “fun level” of athletic performance – the ultimate! Many of you may never have experienced this sensation before or did when you raced 25s at your summer league meets many years ago. Regardless, it’s time to emulate Sky when training and racing. 

Your challenge this week is to approach your swimming in the same way that Sky would if she were a swimmer. 


  • Gold: I performed in the moment for all or most of the practice.
  • Silver: I performed in the moment from time to time.
  • Bronze: I tried but couldn’t break free.
  • Tin: Wow, that’s much harder than I expected. 
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