PVC Mental Strategy 42

Create Your Best Day to Create Your Best Self

To be your best self in school and the pool, you need all of the advantages you can. If you have insufficient time in your day to focus on your top priorities, lack sleep or proper nutrition, or are super-stressed out, there’s no way that your best self can shine through. Many swimmers I work with burn the candle at both ends; in other words, they overwork themselves by doing too many things at once without sufficient rest or breaks. They then become frustrated as things cave in around them. We’re all humans and must learn to strike a critical balance between work and recovery to be our best selves. Some of my swimmers think of themselves as super-human and don’t heed my advice, but sadly, I know it will catch up to them; it’s only a matter of time. 

Your mission this week is to identify what you can do to make your day the best possible. Start with your ideal bedtime and hours of sleep. Next, outline how you plan to wake up and think first thing in the morning. Proceed step by step throughout the day. Itemize as many critical areas as possible, like your study and nutritional regime. You must also consider yourself and plan some time for fun and regeneration. When finished, fully commit to following your plan for the next six days.

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