PVC Mental Strategy 39

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

by Sarah Robbins

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”  -Theodore Roosevelt 

For myself, I’ll be honest—I’ve compared myself to leaders and speakers, thinking how I could ever “talk like them”, “train like them”, or “lead like them”.

I’ve come to the realization that the only thing I should be working on or worried about, is being the best version of “me” I can be. Being the best leader I can be.  I should only focus on my goals and growth along the way.

I’m not meant to lead everyone—therefore I won’t please everyone—so I shouldn’t focus on those that have “left”, I should only focus on those that I am called to “lead” –and focus on growing personally, and professionally along the way.

When we waste valuable energy comparing ourselves to others we are overlooking our potential, and the opportunity for growth in our own life. We might be trying to emulate something someone else is doing, and in the meantime missing our calling because we aren’t doing what we are supposed to be doing! We may have been given a way to do things bigger, and better—but perhaps we’ve missed it as our focus is placed on the wrong things! We are too distracted to notice the gifts in front of us because we are too busy focusing on what others have been gifted with!

We have to give that up today. It’s time to stop struggling, striving, comparing, and competing. The death of contentment is comparison. Focus on YOUR calling. It’s time to be FREE!

Never forget who YOU are, what YOU do best, and how many people will be inspired by YOU being authentically YOU! It’s time to celebrate YOUR uniqueness! The privilege of a lifetime is to be who YOU are!

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