PVC Mental Strategy 32

Be in the Moment

Distraction results in a waste of time and a lack of productivity. Your mission is to keep your mind completely in the moment as it focuses your mental energy on the task at hand. If you’re at swim practice, in dry-land training or stretching, be in the moment. If you’re in class (real or virtual) or doing homework, be in the moment. If you’re spending time in anything else (where you’re trying to better yourself), be in the moment. At the end of each day, score your level of success using the 1-5 Scale below:

5 = I stayed in the moment.

4 = I stayed in the moment for the most part.

3 = I stayed in the moment about half the time.

2 = I tried, but it was an uphill battle.

1 = My mind was everywhere, but where it needed to be.

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