PVC Mental Strategy 20

Courage Takes Over Where Confidence Ends

What is confidence? The feeling of self-assurance that comes from your abilities and qualities.

Your daily goal as a swimmer is to build “technical confidence” and “physical confidence” in your best strokes and events. Any day where you don’t enhance your abilities and qualities is a wasted day and limits your self-assurance and potential!

What is courage? It’s the ability to do something that frightens you. 

Having the courage to implement your technical and physical confidence in a competition is essential to your swimming success. Many swimmers are great at building confidence in practice but can’t take the next step and fail to act courageously in a race. Sadly, they mistakenly believe that technical and physical confidence is enough to succeed, but courage is the “match strike” that sets confidence on fire! Swimmers who fail to act courageously end up frustrated and discouraged. They often say, “I worked so hard, but swam so slow.” No doubt, they did the work but failed to act with courage when it mattered most. Keep in mind that courage takes over where confidence ends!

Take time to contemplate the meaning of these words above. After that, in 60 words (or more), please share your thoughts with me.

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