PVC Mental Strategy 18

Erase “Could” from your Mindset

Have you ever said these words to yourself or others?

“I could do better if I tried.”

“I could if I put my mind to it.”

“I could if I had too.”

What do these statements really mean? They mean you believe you can do whatever you’re putting off if you made an extra effort, overcame a fear, took a risk, or stopped procrastinating! So what are you waiting for? If it would benefit your swimming, you have no other choice.

Keeping yourself in the “could mode” means forgoing the benefits of whatever you’re resisting. If you’re resisting dry-land, you’re missing out on strength gains. If you’re resisting setting an ambitious goal, you’re missing out on the reward. If you’re resisting training harder in practice, you’re missing out on the physical and mental gains. If you’re resisting a “racing fear,” you’re missing out on a better racing outcome.

In Column 1, make a list of the “could things,” the things you say you could do if only.

In Column 2, write down the action steps you plan to take right now!

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