PVC Mental Strategy 17

Decision Day

One day of your life consists of hundreds of single decisions. Each decision impacts your day (and life) in a positive, negative, or neutral way.

Allow me to use your teeth as an example. You could:

  • Decide to brush one, twice, or three times today, or not at all.
  • Take your time brushing or not.
  • Floss or not.
  • Use mouthwash or not.

And I could go on. Allow me to use the interaction with others as a second example. You could:

  • Decide to spend time with a parent, sibling, or pet today or not.
  • Make their day easier or not.
  • Bring a smile to their face or not.
  • Treat them with tender loving care or not.

And I could go on. Again, just think of the hundreds of single decisions that make up your day, and consider how much better your life would be if you consistently made better decisions.

This week’s mental challenge is two-fold. Make quality decisions about your swimming for six days in a row. Plus, pick six other aspects of your life (one per day) and do the same. Record the results here:

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