PVC Mental Strategy 13

You Could Sink if You Overthink

Everyone overthinks. Overthinking comes in three forms; recalling the past, stressing over the present, and worrying about the future. It’s different than problem-solving, which involves finding a solution to a particular circumstance. Overthinking can cause a person to dwell on a problem and lead to undue stress, anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. It’s different than self-reflection, which can help a person discover something new or gain a fresh perspective. Time spent overthinking, whether it’s ten minutes or ten hours, won’t enhance a person’s life. When a person realizes their tendency to overthink, they must take steps to change. Here are ten signs that will help you determine if you overthink or not:

  1. You relive embarrassing moments repeatedly.
  2. You have trouble sleeping because your brain won’t shut off.
  3. You ask yourself a lot of “what if” questions.
  4. You look for hidden meaning in things.
  5. You rehash past conversations with others.
  6. You relive past mistakes.
  7. You question the motive behind a person’s words or actions. 
  8. You dwell on the past and fret about the future.
  9. You worry about things you have no control over.
  10. As much as you try to prevent overthinking, you can seem to stop.

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