PVC Mental Strategy 12


As a swimmer, you want to get to the top, but frequently get stopped along the way, due to a plethora of things. A lack of motivation, courage, or self-belief. Fatigue, muscle soreness, laziness, or procrastination. A mind filled with negativity and self-doubt. These stopping points may not last forever but can linger around long enough to stop you from advancing for the moment. And then for another moment, and then another. Singularly, they may not seem like much, but combined and over time, they can make any goal near impossible to obtain.

Your challenge is to maintain a “go swimming mind” 24/7 for the next five days. No matter what confronts you, step through it or climb over it, and don’t let anything come between you and your swimming goal. If something does stop you (even once), write it below, and we’ll discuss it during our weekly phone call. This strategy may help you identify a pattern of behavior that consistently works against you.

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