Camp Curriculum

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Peak Performance Swim Camp employs a one-of-a-kind elite training approach that conditions swimmers both inside and out. We believe swimmers are only as good as the sum of their parts, so maximizing their mental, technical, and physical conditioning is paramount.


Our competitive IM Camp covers the entire Individual Medley beginning with the front start, the four strokes, the three transition turns, plus the ideal racing strategy. It’s the complete package! Training and racing in the IM is a wise choice as it develops all four strokes and makes swimmers more versatile and competitive. Swimming research suggests swimmers have the potential to drop up to four seconds in the IM through improvements in starts and turns, so we place additional focus on these critical areas. PEAK coaches are masters at Olympic training!


The term “training camp” has a long-standing tradition in competitive swimming, where swimmers undergo a focused week of intense physical activity to get a jump start on future competitions. At PEAK, we proudly put our own spin on it and go above and beyond. We start by creating a winning mindset where swimmers hunger to perform better. Next we add intensive in-water training, purposeful teaching, motivational mental skills sessions, and dynamic dry-land training. Learn from the PEAK pros and get the winning edge!


Our high performance Race Camp focuses on excellence in racing! It includes four hours a day of race-specific training, high tech start and turn work, mental toughness drills to finish like a champion, a daily Mind Power workshop, and race-related dry-land training. The combined PEAK experience toughens swimmers mentally, boosts racing fitness and confidence, and improves essential competitive skills. If speed is what you seek, come to PEAK!


Eligibility: All camps are open to age group and senior-level swimmers, ages 8-18, who currently compete at a local, regional, state, or national level. To maximize the benefits of the camp, swimmers are assigned to lanes based on their current skill and performance level versus their age.