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Eligibility: All clinics are open to age group and senior-level swimmers, ages 8-18, who currently compete at a local, regional, state, or national level. To maximize the benefits of the clinic, swimmers are assigned to lanes based on their current skill and performance level versus their age.


The Individual Medley Clinic helps swimmers excel in this ultimate event in swimming. Choosing to train and compete in the Individual Medley has many long-term benefits, the main one being that it develops all four strokes giving swimmers more options and opportunities. Having one weak stroke can be extremely detrimental, so that’s why we dedicate an entire practice to each of the four strokes. We also teach all IM turns, including the multiple distinct turns from back-to-breast. The clinic starts Saturday morning with the butterfly, the butterfly turn, and the butterfly-to-backstroke turn. The same process is repeated with the other three strokes over the course of the 2-day clinic. A 4-Stroke Handbook, to be used as a reference, is also included.


Our 2-day Mental Edge Clinic teaches swimmers how to be tougher in practice and how to use that newfound toughness to excel in competition. In addition, we cover all aspects of the mental side of racing including: the pre-meet preparation, the pre-race routine, and the race itself. The pre-meet and pre-race portions include visualization techniques, positive affirmations, and strategies to help overcome self-doubt and fear. We also use real-life rehearsals to give swimmers a prime opportunity to put their newfound skills into action. A Mental Edge Workbook, to be used as a reference, is also included.


Without question, enhancing the start, turn, and finish portions of a race is the smartest way to advance performance. Now, more than ever, swimmers take full advantage of the underwater portion of their races. Also, their starts and turns have become far more explosive due to improved technique and dry-land training. Finally, the finish is no longer a means to an end, but rather, a highly-trained skill that gives swimmers a competitive edge. Our 2-day Start, Turn, Finish Clinic zeroes-in on these essential parts of the race. Personalized Rapid Fire Video Review is also included.


Most swimmers have a “best stroke,” followed by the other three which can often lag far behind. The problem with this scenario is that the gap between the best stroke and the others can widen from year-to-year, putting swimmers at a severe disadvantage and limiting their future options. Being proficient in all four strokes is by far the best outcome particularly for age-group swimmers. Our 2-day clinic places an equal emphasis on all four strokes. A 4-Stroke Handbook, to be used as a reference, is also included.


The 3-day Individual Medley Super Clinic covers the front start, including the ideal stance on the block, departure from the block, the underwater travel sequence, the breakout, four individual medley turns, and the freestyle side-finish. The clinic also focuses on improving stroke efficiency while achieving the ideal stroke rate for each stroke – a critical concept in successful racing. In addition, swimmers will learn the correct racing strategy and pacing for the 200 Individual Medley.