Camp Curriculum

Discover the best technique camp for you

Peak Performance Swim Camp is offering a stroke technique camp that is custom made for competitive swimmers! Our two-day, 4-STROKE CAMP provides two levels of specialized training for 12 & Over and 11 & Under athletes. PEAK coaches are masters at teaching swim technique, and our 1-on-1 attention provided to each swimmer sets PEAK apart from the rest. Improve your strokes to swim faster and more efficiently!


Our two day, 4-Stroke Camp provides concentrated work in all four competitive strokes and offers quick-fix solutions that work. Areas of concentration include body position, pulling, kicking, breathing, and timing. It’s the complete package over one weekend!

There’s a fundamental difference in how swimmers should train the long axis versus short axis strokes. Long axis strokes, backstroke and freestyle, involve side-to-side body rotation. Short axis strokes, butterfly and breaststroke, involve front-to-back rotation. Physical fitness can only take swimmers so far, but fitness plus the right technique can turbocharge their performance. We specialize in teaching the mental, technical, and physical skills to help swimmers excel where it matters most. Learn from the PEAK pros and get the swimming edge!

Created by Olympic Coach Nick Baker, the camp’s curriculum is second to none. Coach Baker has authored ten books on swimming and produced four swimming videos. The camp offers many unique features and is ideally suited for swimmers eager to excel.

  • Exclusive camp with limited registration
  • Expert coaching
  • 1-on-1 attention provided to each swimmer
  • Custom curriculum designed by Olympic Coach Nick Baker
  • Practices geared to all speed levels
  • Elite-level stroke progressions for 12 & Over swimmers
  • Easy-to-follow stroke progressions for 11 & Under swimmers
  • Personalized feedback throughout the day
  • Motivational Mind Power workshops
  • Dynamic dry land sessions
  • Healthy mix of learning and fun


All camps are open to age group and senior-level swimmers, ages 8-18, who currently compete at a local, regional, state, or national level. To maximize the benefits of the camp, swimmers are assigned to lanes based on their current skill and performance level. This is NOT a learn-to-swim program, but specifically designed for competitive swimmers who can perform multiple lengths of all four strokes and and the official starts and turns.