Mental Strategy 7

Seven Spheres

The goal of all committed swimmers is to reach their peak potential in the pool, but doing so is easier said than done for multiple reasons. Perhaps the biggest of all lies in time management and striking the ideal balance between the various factors that contribute to swimming and personal growth and development. To assist, I created Seven Spheres as a guide to help swimmers find balance and harmony in their quest to be their best. They include:

  • Academics
  • Rest/Restoration*
  • Nutrition
  • Swim Mental
  • Swim Technical
  • Swim Physical
  • A Personal Reward

*Rest/Restoration may include quiet rest, meditation, a hot shower or bath, massage, etc.

The word sphere has more than one meaning. In this instance, a particular area of interest, one of many parts of a person’s life. As an Olympic Coach, I view a swimmer’s life consisting of at least seven connecting spheres. Each sphere requires nurturing daily to create swimming harmony within. When swimmers fail to do so, they create disharmony in their lives, leading to mental and physical stress, fear, and doubt.

Your challenge is to make a positive contribution to each of the Seven Spheres within 24 hours. Due to COVID-19,  you now have the time to do so. When you’re back in your routine with more responsibilities, you have 48 hours to contribute. Learning how to balance your spheres creates inner harmony, less stress, and greater swimming confidence.

How have you made a positive contribution to each of the Seven Spheres in the past 24 or 48 hours?