Get Pride On Your Side

As a coach, I’m always on the lookout for the good things my swimmers do; and when I see something, I say something, because I believe ”good brings better.” I know coaches who take the exact opposite approach, but to my mind that’s counterproductive. Emphasizing the good builds confidence in swimmers, increases their motivation level, and improves their mental outlook. It also develops self-pride, one of the most significant motivational forces of all, and when swimmers let their pride guide, their whole world changes. They no longer need their coach to stand over them, because their pride won’t allow a halfhearted effort or substandard work. I call it the pride effect, that compels swimmers to do more and to be better. It’s a 24/7 obsession where they can’t rest until they’ve achieved their best. Does this sound like you? If so, congratulations! If not, it’s time to let your pride be your guide. To get a better sense of your current level of personal pride, assign a score to each item listed below. Give three points for HIGH, two points for MEDIUM, one point for LOW, and zero points for NO COMMENT.

• My discipline:
• My focus:
• My mental toughness:
• My maturity level:
• My worth ethic:
• My practice behavior:
• My behavior away from the pool:
• My eating habits:
• My sleeping habits:
• My future in swimming:
• My racing ability:
• My front start:
• My back start:
• My relay start:
• My butterfly:
• My butterfly turn:
• My backstroke:
• My backstroke turn:
• My breaststroke:
• My breaststroke turn:
• My freestyle:
• My freestyle turn:
• My IM turns:

TOTAL SCORE: ________________

A pride score over 70 equals Gold, between 65-70 Silver, and between 60-65 Bronze.