Finish Smart!

The last length of a race is the most important because whoever wins it wins the race! That’s why it’s essential to finish like a pro when training and competing. Take Michael Phelps for example, he won the 100-butterfly by 00.04 seconds in Athens, 00.01 seconds in Beijing, and 00.23 seconds in London. Talk about a close call, but he was a master at finishing. Can you say the same? To be a champion, you must rehearse like a champion in practice, so that’s your challenge today. On your butterfly and freestyle finishes, accelerate into the wall and don’t breath from the flags in. On your backstroke finish, accelerate into the wall and trust in your stroke count. Looking for the wall is a rookie mistake that can turn a winning performance into a losing one. On your breaststroke finish, touch the wall as your feet snap together on your final kick.

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