New Swimming Book is a Hit!

Mind Body Skill is the #1 New Swimming Book on Amazon right now.

In my latest book, I challenge swimmers to create change in a BIG WAY to achieve the results they desire! A swimmer who improves their mental outlook can enhance their level of swimming performance to one degree or another. The same holds true for technique or fitness. But when a swimmer focuses on boosting all three at once, the paradigm shifts and EXCELLENCE happens!

“There is beauty in a job well done, like developing yourself into the most exceptional swimmer that you can be. To pursue this mighty purpose, you must think of yourself as a three-legged stool that can only stand if all three legs are strong. In the same manner, you can only succeed to the level of your swimming ambition if your mind, body, and skill are of equal strength. Maintaining a wise balance in your training will provide you with an opportunity to develop yourself in a three-sided fashion and without weakness in one area or another. It will also compel you to climb far higher than your fellow competitors and achieve what you cherish most in swimming.”

– Coach Nick Baker