A Strong Body With A Weak Mind Achieves Little

An 11-Hour Tennis Match

On average, a tennis match lasts about three and a half hours. During the 2010 Wimbledon Championships, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played a match that lasted over 11 hours! A record in professional tennis. The match consisted of 183 games held over three days with the longest set going over eight hours. With 28 different ball boys working in rotation, the players slurped coconut water and munched chicken to keep their energy levels up. Although they were given rest breaks, both men were seen practicing during their time off. In the end, Isner was victorious.

The Ultimate Distance Swim

Benoit Lecomte is one of the greatest long-distance swimmers of all time. In 1998, he successfully swam across the Atlantic Ocean. His journey of 3,716 miles lasted 73 days! He began in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and finished in Brittany, France. A typical day included eight hours of swimming broken into four, two-hour blocks. A boat emitting an electromagnetic field traveled behind him to ward off sharks.

A Marathon Boxing Match

In 1893, Andy Bowen and Jack Burke fought 111 three-minute rounds and traded blows for seven hours and 19 minutes. The boxers pummeled each other until the referee ruled it a draw. Although there was no decisive winner, the epic battle took a serious toll on both fighters. Burke broke all the bones in his hands and soon retired, while Bowen was killed in the ring in his next fight.

Don’t Try This At Swim Practice

In 2008, illusionist David Blaine broke the Guinness World Record for breath holding. He held his breath for 17 minutes and four seconds while underwater on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In the same year, world champion free diver Tom Sietas broke Blaine’s record with a time of 17 minutes and 19 seconds!

The Super Cyclist

With careful planning, it’s possible to cover all of Great Britain in a single uninterrupted trip. The course, popular with tourists, takes about three months to cover on foot and about two weeks on a bicycle. In 2001, extreme cyclist Gethin Butler conquered the 874-mile journey in a little over 44 hours!

30 Pairs Of Sneakers In 100 Days

In 2015, Daren Wendell ran 100 marathons in 100 days to raise $100,000.00 for clean water for the people of Ethiopia. His run began in Santa Monica, CA, and ended in New York City, a distance of 2,805 miles!

So what one thing do all of these great athletes have in common?

A super-strong mind that supports the body allowing them to achieve super-human feats. The human body is a wondrous creation filled with unlimited potential. Unfortunately, most athletes only scratch the surface of their potential due to a weak mind. To be successful in any physical endeavor, the mind must support the body no matter how difficult the task. Ongoing “No, I Can’t Thoughts” weaken the mind causing the body to give up prematurely, while ongoing “Yes, I Can Thoughts,” strengthen the mind allowing the body to perform at peak levels.