8 Steps To Becoming A Swimming Eagle

1. Don’t compare. Eagles soar above all other birds. If you want to become a swimming eagle, you’ll be different than the rest.

2. Be passionate. Eagles love being eagles and soar above the rest. To become a swimming eagle you must love swimming and everything about it.

3. Keep sight of your goals. Eagles have super focus and can spot their prey more than a mile away. If they lose their focus, they go hungry. To become a swimming eagle, you must stay focused on your goals.

4. Push till it hurts. Eagles live in the wild and endure harsh conditions every day. To become a swimming eagle, you must also withstand harsh conditions every day.

5. Take responsibility. Eagles are robust and independent. They don’t rely upon other eagles to catch their food. To become a swimming eagle, you must assume full responsibility for your swimming. Your coach and parents can help, but your ultimate success is up to you.

6. Take risks. Eagles can achieve speeds of 150 mph when diving for their prey, and if they fear risk, they can go hungry or die. Risking in swimming can be scary, but it’s an essential part of a swimming eagle’s life.

7. Fail forward. Eagles don’t always catch their prey, but through trial, error, and failure they learn to become super hunters. Don’t see failure as something to fear or avoid. Learn from it, and you’ll become a swimming eagle.

8. Never stop. Eagles can survive and thrive in the wild for up to 25 years! To become a swimming eagle, you must share their “iron will” and instinct for survival.