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8 Steps To Becoming A Swimming Eagle

1. Don’t compare. Eagles soar above all other birds. If you want to become a swimming eagle, you’ll be different than the rest. 2. Be passionate. Eagles love being eagles and soar above the rest. … Continued

Visualize to Maximize

How to achieve success in swimming is no secret. To be successful, swimmers must take full advantage of the latest and greatest performance-enhancing techniques available. One such technique is known as visualization which involves harnessing … Continued

Goal Setting Basics

Much has been written about the importance of goal setting; its importance unquestioned. Goals are like a map, pointing swimmers in the right direction. Goals are like a ruler, measuring progress along the way. Goals … Continued

Be Like Shakespeare

I love quotes as they express so much wisdom, in so few words. Recently, I came across the following quote by English poet and master playwright, Robert Browning (1812-1889): “The aim, if reached or not … Continued