Winter Swim Clinics

February 16 - 19, 2018

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Mount Kisco was voted best family town in Westchester County, New York. Residents enjoy its natural beauty and easy accessibility to New York City, only a 25-30 minute train ride to Grand Central Station.

Pool Location

Saw Mill Club East
333 N. Bedford Road
Mt. Kisco NY 10549

We are offering two, back-to-back Twin clinics at a discount price: Register for a 2-day clinic for $425 or attend all 4 days for only $775. Get twice the elite-level training for less cost!


What is the ultimate event in swimming? Choosing to train and compete in the Individual Medley has many long-term benefits; the main one being that it develops all four strokes, giving swimmers more options and opportunities. Having one weak stroke can be extremely detrimental, so that’s why we dedicate an entire practice to each of the four strokes. The turns are also unique to this special event, especially the turn from back-to-breast. We teach all IM Turns and conduct swim progressions in all 4 strokes. A 4-Stroke Handbook, to be used as a reference, is also included. Offered on February 16-17 only.


At PEAK, providing swimmers with the tools they need to excel in competition is our top priority. Our Mental Edge Clinic covers the three most important facets of racing: the pre-meet preparation, the pre-race routine, and real-race rehearsal. The pre-meet portion also includes visualization techniques, positive affirmations, and strategies to overcome race-limiting beliefs. Furthermore, we teach swimmers how to achieve their ideal mental state before stepping on the block. Finally, real-race rehearsals give swimmers a prime opportunity to apply their new-found skills. A Mental Edge Workbook, to be used as a reference, is also included. Offered on February 18-19 only.


Attend all 4 days for a discounted price of $775. Get twice the elite-level training for less cost! Offered on February 16-19.

4-Day Twin PEAK Package 2-Day Individual Medley Clinic 2-Day Mental Edge Clinic
Register $775 Register $425 Register $425

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