Visualize to Maximize

How to achieve success in swimming is no secret. To be successful, swimmers must take full advantage of the latest and greatest performance-enhancing techniques available. One such technique is known as visualization which involves harnessing … Continued

Self-Esteem In Swimming

To understand the term “self-esteem” consider the meaning of each word separately. The definition of “self” is a person (or oneself) and the definition of “esteem” is respect. So the term self-esteem means respect for oneself. The … Continued

Why Yoga?

Yoga found its way into the Peak Performance Swim Camp curriculum in 2005. That was the year I began taking yoga at a local studio. Among the many things that surprised me about yoga was … Continued

How to Dump a Slump

A slump is the inability to achieve best times in competition. Virtually all swimmers will experience one or more slumps throughout their careers. Even Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer of all-time, experienced a major slump … Continued

Goal Setting Basics

Much has been written about the importance of goal setting; its importance unquestioned. Goals are like a map, pointing swimmers in the right direction. Goals are like a ruler, measuring progress along the way. Goals … Continued

Excitement Rules

When excited, swimmers become ignited. Excitement and the ignition that follows supplies the motivational fuel to survive and thrive in the demanding world of competitive swimming. Swimming excitement comes from various sources including positive performance … Continued

Don’t Weaken The Heart

Competitive swimming is a very tough sport consisting of one challenge after the next. Challenges differ depending on a swimmer’s ability and experience level. A 10-year-old swimmer may find swimming a 1,000 yards freestyle without … Continued

Be Like Shakespeare

I love quotes as they express so much wisdom, in so few words. Recently, I came across the following quote by English poet and master playwright, Robert Browning (1812-1889): “The aim, if reached or not … Continued

Behave Like A Champion

To become a swimming champion, swimmers must behave like one. Doing so requires a tremendous amount of planning, self-discipline, and effort. While there are no guarantees, these ten suggestions will greatly increase the possibility. 1. … Continued

A Case For Confidence

Buildings require a strong foundation to remain upright. Swimmers require a strong mental foundation to succeed, and confidence is an essential component. Many people view confidence as an elusive quality that some fortunately possess and … Continued